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Welcome to Mentat Online!

A place dedicated to writing, interesting thoughts and my own works.

Latest major posts:

  • SIA FBB 2017 Spring Event - Share This: Here is our next big event! Come and enjoy a refreshing spring treat of books. More than hundred books in various genres. Everyone is sure to find something to their liking.  
  • Thoughts on science fiction styles - Share This: I just published a page about science fiction styles and how I prefer to tag them. Do you agree? Have a different view or another approach in this matter? Please share your view! You’ve never looked at science fiction stories and universes this way? Has this helped you better understand any of them […]
  • The Witchhunter: Black Shadow under way - Share This: With tides calming down after relocation, I restarted my work on Black Shadow. Writing progress is around 10% now. I started working on the cover,  but that will take some time to do… Will soon look for some beta readers as well. (hint 🙂 )