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Month: March 2016

Loads of free an cheap books! No kiddin’…

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#SIAFBB 2016-04-01

#SIAFBB 2016-04-01

In history and technology there were always leaps when change had to happen in a big step. Just as book printing changed the status of books, digital technology, e-books and the possibility to self publish or have little publishing companies is changing this status again.

This evolution is starting to produce a new group of authors who write what they want to express and not what the agencies demand. Come and get hold of some free or cheap books. Read them and share your experiences.

It’s not a joke, but it will definitely be fun!

‘Fading futures’ goes public

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The Witchhunter: Fading Futures is now public!

Go and grab a free copy in the writings section. EPUB and MOBI available.


Hello Universe!

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Yes. We have a go. I officially gave the green flag for the blog. There isn’t too much content right now, but that will change with time.

Things you may check out right now:

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