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I’m an author, but of course also a reader.

It’s nice to read reviews of my books as those make up for most of the feedback I can get as an author. Whether it’s a public review on a big site, your blog, or just a message to me, it’s always welcome. As there are next to no readers in my own country, I don’t have the chance to meet with readers or fans. If you have an opinion or question, do not hesitate to contact me.

As I said, I’m also a reader and review most of the fiction books that I read. I’m usually time limited, but when I can, I review books for other indie authors just to help. I get most of the review copies on Goodreads, but you can contact me here as well. Here are my rules:

  • With a few exceptions, I cannot guarantee you a strict deadline, but I will tell you what you can expect.
  • As I have limited time, I tend to filter what I review. These are the genres, that have the highest chance to be reviewed by me: science fiction (hard science fiction, twisty stories, ones that portray interesting problems or situations), fantasy (also mostly those with interesting situations and problems).
  • These are the ones I will not review: Anything involving violence against children or animals, rape, racism, attack on any religion etc.
  • I accept e-books and paper as well.
  • I don’t review books in series if I haven’t read the previous parts. (Of course you are free to persuade me to read those first…)
  • The review is honest and I never accept any kind of payment.
  • My reviews always have a public and a private part. Public goes to my blog, Goodreads and Amazon. Private is in e-mail.
  • Public review a short introduction and my general view on the book.
  • Private review has additional thoughts about the book. Mostly an author-to-author opinion.
  • I will publish three star and up results automatically. Below that, only if you ask me to.
  • Notify me if it’s an ARC
  • I accept beta reviews only if the books looks very interesting or it’s a sequel to one I really liked.

Here is what you need to send me if you want your book to be reviewed:

  • Book title.
  • Genre.
  • Synopsis and/or blurb.
  • 3-5 sentences describing what kind of story it is. (Style, goal, main points etc.)
  • Is it already published or an ARC.
  • Formats and/or printed.

You still here?!? Guess it wasn’t enough to scare you away then… 🙂  OK. Here is a bonus for you: I read a lot of different genres and you have a chance to have me review almost anything that doesn’t conflict with with my no-no list, but the farther it gets from my favourite content, the more luring it has to be on its own field.

If you made up your mind and still want me to review you work, use the contact form to reach me.