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I have several works that are published or work in progress and expected to appear soon.

‘The Witchhunter’ series

  • Book 1: Red Shadow
  • Book 2: Black Shadow (expected end of 2016)
  • Book 3: ‘no title yet’
  • Short story (prequel): Fading futures
  • Short story (prequel #0.5): Seven towers (expected 2017Q1)

Open Mind collection

  • Book 1 and content:


  • Thirty-six righteous people
  • Moebius relationship
  • Big loop
  • Remember

Mars Pater

A manned Mars mission gone wrong. (No! It has nothing to do with “The Martian”… Different story that I outlined well before The Martian.)


A man threatens to spread a virus selectively killing all humans. Three suspects are arrested at an airport, but who is the real one? The anti-terrorist group has to find the distribution method in a limited time or humanity is doomed.

Seed (working title)

Strange events on a long range spaceship.



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