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Thoughts on science fiction styles

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I just published a page about science fiction styles and how I prefer to tag them.

Do you agree? Have a different view or another approach in this matter? Please share your view!

You’ve never looked at science fiction stories and universes this way? Has this helped you better understand any of them or got a new view? Eager to hear about it.




  1. Ian Miller

    These categories might be a bit too constrained. In my case I write SF, and I try to keep within known science, OR I add in one or two things. Thus I have (in some novels) people travelling near light speed with quite fearsome accelerations, so I “invented” an “inertial field” to ensure they did not get squashed. But in general, the purpose of the novels is to explore the relationships between economics, technology, and governance, and how they might influence each other. Additionally, in some I note the resource shortages on Earth, and look at the economic/governance issues that arise, and in particular try to point out things we should not let happen. I don’t think those objectives sit in your categories, so maybe you need another one?

    • Zoltán

      I really want to emphasize that these are not categories, but styles or tags. One of the main difference is that in case of categories you usually put a story in one. If you handle them as tags, you can put more than one on one. Just as stories are all different, yet you can define prominent properties.

      In your case, if I got it right, your writings fall mostly in the hard science fiction with some human.

      I started to use these ‘styles’ to help me describe various books and stories that I’ve read or seen. Not to put them into boxes.

      If you use the tag approach, you can say that this book is X with a pinch of Y, and you’ve given a general overview of what story to expect in a single sentence, without going into details about the actual story.

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