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New fan-art for Scarlet

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I was just gifted with a new fan-art of Scarlet. Lovely style.

Shared it on the fanart page.

UK Indie Lit Fest – 2017

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Last year I missed the event by a couple of days, but this year I’m attending.

First, the basics…

Location: Kala Sangam Arts Centre St Peter’s House 1 Forster Square Bradford BD1 4TY
Date: 2017 August 26, 10:00-17:00
Entry fee: FREE
Homepage: UK Indie Lit Fest – 2017 Festival

I will have a table, a handful of books and custom Witchhunter bookmarks that should arrive from print this week.

Looking forward to meet readers, existing and aspiring authors.

The blog chat will be enabled during the day and I might post a few pictures.


SIA FBB 2017 Spring Event

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Here is our next big event!

SIA FBB 2017 Spring

Come and enjoy a refreshing spring treat of books. More than hundred books in various genres. Everyone is sure to find something to their liking.


Thoughts on science fiction styles

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I just published a page about science fiction styles and how I prefer to tag them.

Do you agree? Have a different view or another approach in this matter? Please share your view!

You’ve never looked at science fiction stories and universes this way? Has this helped you better understand any of them or got a new view? Eager to hear about it.



The Witchhunter: Black Shadow under way

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With tides calming down after relocation, I restarted my work on Black Shadow.

Writing progress is around 10% now.

I started working on the cover,  but that will take some time to do…

Will soon look for some beta readers as well. (hint 🙂 )


Red Shadow featured in podcast by Amanda Steel

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A little late because of ‘life’, but here is a link to a podcast by Amanda Steel, featuring The Withhunter: Red Shadow.

Amanda’s Reading Recommendations @Amanda_S_Writer

The podcast features three books. All have some paranormal content.


Bash 2.0 – 75+ books for free

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From July 1 to July 4 we are going to have the latest ‘free or cheap’ book event. It is our (#SIAFBB) first anniversary and over 75 books participate.

Bash 2.0

Come and check the list of books on the above link. They change day-to-day in this period.

Books are of all genres. You can be pretty sure to find at least on to your liking.

Just started writing Dark Shadow

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Today is a big day. I started writing the second book of The Witchhunter trilogy, titled Black Shadow.

In the first book, the Witchhunter had to face the witch who is connected to his past and opens his eyes. He had to face the Red Shadow, as other witches often call her.

In the second book, Conley is back in the Real World and has cope with someone more difficult to face. Himself, the Black Shadow. One of his many names from the witches. He decides to investigate and find out as much as possible about the witches (he thought he knew well) and the Other World (he just visited). Meanwhile, the witches are more desperate deciding to cooperate and take their chances with a more open hunt for the hunter.

First beta reads expected around August-September.


Interview by Mercedes Fox

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Open Mind

Open Mind by Zoltán Pósfai

Mercedes has a great blog with many good interviews. Today she published the interview she did with me.

It includes information about my soon to be published science fiction short story collection Open Mind and also a sneak peak into another story I plan to adapt for stage.

And of course you will find a lot of good interviews with other authors too.

Please have a look at it at Mercedes Fox Books and share your views.


Red Shadow on Youtube

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The Witchhunter: Red Shadow got its first Youtube appearance. Danielle Esplin has a video book blog channel and this time the topic was the background investigation related to writing books.

This is a topic I’m planning to raise in a post myself, but while I will mostly write about my views and experiences, she collected a handful of indie authors and asked them to tell their experiences and share some good stories as well. The result is a selection of these.

While writing is a creative activity, if you want to provide a good story that is believable and consistent, you need to make sure you know what you are writing about. Do not describe a 10th century monk eating potatoes, let the environment resemble the real location and avoid using a laser rifle blasting with gravitational waves. Keep in mind, that some of your readers will have a background in the field and while fiction is not a scientific paper, you should avoid including problems that will cause a melt-down in many readers.

Without further ado, here are the links. The post is broken into three sections. (Red Shadow is in the third one.)

Video 1/3

Video 2/3

Video 3/3



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