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Month: July 2016

New release by Elizabeth Salawu: Abiku – A Battle of Gods

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Abiku: A Battle of Gods: Chilling New Paranormal Romance Novel Brings Out Kinky Side of Thor Fans…

Masterfully crafted by Elizabeth Salawu, ‘Abiku: A Battle of Gods’ fuses erotica, suspense and the paranormal in a cinematic adventure that will leave all fantasy fiction fans with sweaty palms and pounding hearts.


Elizabeth Salawu


United Kingdom – Erotica, fantasy and paranormal fiction have all enjoyed huge resurgences as of late, with franchises such as ‘Thor’ building global, loyal bands of followers. But what would happen if all of these genres crawled under the bedsheets, did the dirty and emerged intertwined?

Just ask Elizabeth Salawu, author of ‘Abiku: A Battle of Gods’. Her latest creation is a smorgasbord of hard-hitting fantasy that’s kinky, goes beyond the realms of earth and is guaranteed to be a read unlike anything else on the market.


She was called an Abiku, an evil spirit sent to this world to lure men to their doom

Dayo is a bi-racial twenty something year old with a German mom and a Nigerian dad. She has a semi bougie lifestyle, always jetting across the pond between Africa and Europe.

She starts dating her father’s driver in secret after seducing him.

On her return from her cousin’s 21st birthday in Manchester, she tries gbana (crack) for the first time. She finds herself in an alternate realm and thinks she’s hallucinating from using gbana. She doesn’t take anything that happens there seriously as she thinks she’s having a vivid dream. That is until she couldn’t wake up from getting married to a ‘man’ she met in that realm…

People might look at this and think it’s a book of erotic fiction – but it’s so much more!” proclaims the author. “It’s very much out-of- this world, including characters such as the Yoruba god of thunder Sango who is more or less Thor from a  different culture. I see it as the perfect adventure for those who’ve fantasized about making out with Thor!”

Continuing, “Initial feedback to the beta manuscript has been fantastic. The novel is currently in its pre-order phase and I’m expecting the response to be huge. There’s literally nothing else like it out there.”

Abiku: A Battle of Gods’ is due for release on 16th September 2016. Pre-order now, from Amazon:

About the Author:

Abiku: A Battle Of Gods is the first book under the name Elizabeth Salawu. She normally writes children’s books under the name Segilola Salami.

Segilola Salami is first of all a mom. She writes children’s books she would love her beautiful little girl to read when she’s older.

Outside of writing, she’s host of podcast The Segilola Salami Show. The show is set in a virtual café and she hosts it with her little girl. Guests discuss different aspects of publishing and review indie books.

Ms Salami is also a blogger and a Self publishing Strategist. She helps aspiring authors navigate the minefield that is self publishing.

You can follow her on Twitter @iyayetunde1 and subscribe to her blog  for regular updates.

Bash 2.0 – 75+ books for free

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From July 1 to July 4 we are going to have the latest ‘free or cheap’ book event. It is our (#SIAFBB) first anniversary and over 75 books participate.

Bash 2.0

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