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Amanda Steel [2016-08-23]

A podcast with Amanda’s book recommendations and Red Shadow is one of the three books she details.

Danielle Esplin [2016-05-10]

Not a review per se, but it is part of a video blog.

Aly [2016-03-18]

I was not really sure in this book why the witch hunter was kills witches but I like it! I love a good mystery as well as some supernatural and this book made me think of “the Last Witch Hunter” just a little bit. I think I really got into this book! * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Vanessa Kings [2016-01-16]

In “The Witch Hunter: Red Shadow” from author Zoltán Pósfai we follow the story of a nameless witch hunter whose longevity and immunity to witchcraft allows him to be their prime predator.
The first chapters set up the story perfectly as we come to know the man simply known as “the hunter” and his method of hunting witches, as well as a few glimpses of his past exploits. Until, one day, as he is hunting down a witch, he stumbles upon a mystery that will take him on a quest to discover the truth.
Being a fan of the genre, the book took me back to the time of classic witch hunting novels as I was disappointed at how many misfires we’ve seen lately both in novels and film, such as Season of the Witch and The Last Witch Hunter.
So, I was really glad to read a story that looks a little deeper into the characters and the background, with references that show us a bigger and more detailed world that I am sure the author will show is in even more depth in the following books of the series.


John Gidobo [2016-01-12]

I found this book while looking for witch hunting books. It looked different and the summary also hinted a different story than I was looking for. I read it eventually and that was a good choice.

It’s not a generic fantasy witch hunting story, but about a single man. In the first few chapters I got a glimpse about how he sacrifices everything to his goal. Kill every witch. The goal is not gore, but efficiency. The way he does it is closer to a doctor removing a tumor than a killer. The book starts to become interesting where he faces a few strange things (trying to avoid spoilers here) and surprise turns into indecision and doubts.

The story starts in our own world (few years from now maybe), but acquires classic fantasy elements too. Still, it won’t turn into your usual fantasy book.

What I liked: Good character evolution. Interesting new world. A realistic mixture of fantasy and reality as we see it. Working new alternative explanation to a lot of historic events and myths. It contains gore, but only to a degree needed to show how he works. I liked the poem in the epilogue.

What I didn’t like: Starts out a bit slow. I understand the setting for later parts, but those deciding after the first 2-3 chapters might put down the book.


Indie Book Screener score: 4.3


Some random quotes from readers:

“The book started with a rather practical insight to the hunter’s killing spree, but as it progressed the human side showed up and I can feel that it’s getting somewhere. Waiting for the next book.” Andrew