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A few words about me and the blog. I’m not fond of writing about myself, I will consequently keep it short.



I’ve been writing short stories and novellas for many years, but practically everything went to Drawer Unpublishing Limited. I’m always unsatisfied with my works, but one day I took a deep breath and decided to go public. Getting feedback, I will improve faster. My main genre is science fiction, but I also like fantasy. My primary goal is to give some meaning to my writings like: ethics, psychology, history, mythology, religions, sociology, human relationships, biological and technical advancements. The best thing in SFF is that I can set up any environment or situation and freely experiment with them. If you choose to read my writings, do not expect some action-adventure or light romance. They may show up, but will never be the main thing.

My first published book(s) are part of ‘The Witchhunter’ trilogy. Somehow I felt more at ease to start with fantasy. I consider it my learning curve in self publishing. I had to write my first poems for it and everything related to a book.

Works in progress:

  • The Witchhunter: Black Shadow – Book two of the series. Investigation, preparation.
  • The Witchhunter: Seven Towers – Another prequel, right after Fading Futures. May grow into a full book.
  • Open Mind – A science fiction short story collection.

Sometime in the near future:

  • Book: A book about an astronaut stranded on Mars. No… this has nothing to do with the currently popular book+movie. It has a different setup and the basics were laid down well before The Martian started to gain form as a blog.
  • Book: ‘Remember’ – Imagine a word, where memory can be reprogrammed, physical appearance can be changed in a day or two. Even genetic material can be tainted enough to be an unreliable evidence. One of the last working ways to catch criminals is to blend in, catch them on the act and testify with no possibility of memory change. It works, but it’s a huge strain for the investigator.  Few walk this path. One of them is nearing the end of his inner resources.
  • Book: (no working title yet) – A long range interstellar spaceship has been flying for ages. Its passengers in deep cryo sleep, while the ship slips in the void with automatic control and life support. People start to wake up in their cryo chambers, but with sketchy memories. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. Cryo technology is well proven and the wake up protocol is laid down strictly. Yet, apparently random people woke up and none have access to vital systems. The small group has to find out what has happened.
  • Short story: ‘Three’ – Three similar looking men are interrogated at the Interplanetary Spaceport. Traces of a biologic terrorist attempt were found by the police, but there are only fragments of information. The police arrested three suspects and locked them in a detention section of the spaceport. The police is sure that the culprit is present, but has to play the cards delicately. The virus was not found and all three suspects deny to be terrorists. The virus could be anywhere or already on its way and spreading. Time is ticking.
  • Short story: ‘Moebius Relationship’ – A fund raising event is held at the University. A promising young physicist has to attend as his main sponsor, a a very rich, but mysterious woman will attend with her daughter. The scientist is a silent type and when he meets the daughter, he becomes shy and clumsy as well. The event doesn’t go as expected, but the real unexpected is still to come.

The Blog

I set up a page for The Witchhunter, but found it too static. I also started to enjoy writing reviews and doing interviews. Marketing my books also requires a forum to place news. That’s how I started this blog. Here you will find:

  • Reviews of my works, interviews with me.
  • Reviews I made for other works and interviews done with other authors.
  • News about my writings.
  • News about happenings worth to mention.
  • Short articles about anything related to writing.
  • Some useful links, that new self published authors might find useful.
  • Fanart.

Hopefully both readers and authors will find something worth reading here.

If you want me to review a book, write an interview with you or do it on the reverse, do not hesitate to contact me.

I’m also open to any meaningful cooperation.


Have fun!