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Red Shadow on Youtube

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The Witchhunter: Red Shadow got its first Youtube appearance. Danielle Esplin has a video book blog channel and this time the topic was the background investigation related to writing books.

This is a topic I’m planning to raise in a post myself, but while I will mostly write about my views and experiences, she collected a handful of indie authors and asked them to tell their experiences and share some good stories as well. The result is a selection of these.

While writing is a creative activity, if you want to provide a good story that is believable and consistent, you need to make sure you know what you are writing about. Do not describe a 10th century monk eating potatoes, let the environment resemble the real location and avoid using a laser rifle blasting with gravitational waves. Keep in mind, that some of your readers will have a background in the field and while fiction is not a scientific paper, you should avoid including problems that will cause a melt-down in many readers.

Without further ado, here are the links. The post is broken into three sections. (Red Shadow is in the third one.)

Video 1/3

Video 2/3

Video 3/3



The Witchhunter at the London Book Fair 2016

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I have a great news! My book The Witchhunter: Red Shadow will be on show  this year at the London Book Fair.

I encourage everyone attending it to visit the booth where it’s represented, along a few other independent books.

I wasn’t able manage my personal attendance, but Isabel Curtis is kind to answer you any questions related to the book or yours personally. She’s an author herself and has a couple of good books up her sleeve.

You can find her at the following coordinates:

First floor, Author HQ area, booth 1D50.

If she’s unable to answer your questions, she will either relay your question or help with a direct contact.

During the fair I will also enable a live chat here at Mentat Online that you can use with any browser or mobile phone. If you see a small bubble in the lower right corner, then I’m online.

Have a great time at the fair and hope to see you (virtually this year) at my booth!


UPDATE: Not strictly London Book Fair, but I had a new interview.


Loads of free an cheap books! No kiddin’…

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#SIAFBB 2016-04-01

#SIAFBB 2016-04-01

In history and technology there were always leaps when change had to happen in a big step. Just as book printing changed the status of books, digital technology, e-books and the possibility to self publish or have little publishing companies is changing this status again.

This evolution is starting to produce a new group of authors who write what they want to express and not what the agencies demand. Come and get hold of some free or cheap books. Read them and share your experiences.

It’s not a joke, but it will definitely be fun!

‘Fading futures’ goes public

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The Witchhunter: Fading Futures is now public!

Go and grab a free copy in the writings section. EPUB and MOBI available.


Hello Universe!

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Yes. We have a go. I officially gave the green flag for the blog. There isn’t too much content right now, but that will change with time.

Things you may check out right now:

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