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There was a discussion about doing the Myers-Briggs test for characters in our works. I found it a funny and possibly useful idea and decided to do it with Conley and Scarlet from The Witchhunter.

Funny as these tests are never accurate and almost always give some surprise result tidbit that doesn’t fit. But also useful as it may give the writer a general picture about how well the characters realize their goals. Are their imagined personalities in line with their actions? Does the general path of two character’s relationship follow their personalities?

If the difference is huge, they might need some rethinking. If there is a good fit, then they are believable.

I chose Conley and Scarlet as my first experiment because:

  • They are both well developed.
  • Have a long and elaborate background story spanning centuries.
  • The Witchhunter series is a character development story.  They both have stable personalities and have to cope with new events.
  • They also meet in the book and there is a complex attraction/hate relationship between them.

I used an online test to assess the two character’s results and got the following results:

  • Subject: Conley
  • Occupation: Witch hunter.
  • General activity: Specialized on using any possibility to investigate and exterminate witches. Learns anything that may aid him, but otherwise starts with a single-minded focus on his goal. Acts and communicates well when needed, but mostly introverted otherwise.
  • MBTI result: INTP (16%/66%/41%/6%)
  • Suggested career: IT or librarian 🙂
  • Suggested interest: ESFP (47%/31%/41%/16%)


  • Subject: Scarlet
  • Occupation: Witch, Corinthian
  • General activity: Leads a rather free-style life. She is generally good with people, but uses her charm frequently to get what she wants. Never refuses to have some good time, but periodically prefers to have some time in a quiet and secluded place. Unlike most witches, she always pays attention to be in good physical shape.
  • MBTI result: ESFP (47%/31%/41%/16%)
  • Suggested career: Acting, dress making, fashion, fitness.

Conley’s career suggestion sound funny even if not far fetched if you consider what are the main qualities he needs (apart from physical skills) to do his job.

The part that hit me was the perfect fit of suggested interest and Scarlet’s MBTI. I never tried to make such a fit. It just came naturally. There was no suggested interest for Scarlet on that page though.

Well, this will not make to story any better or worse itself, but it’s certainly interesting.

Do you have some interesting result in your writings? Do not hesitate to share it…